Los Angeles is in the middle of a ramen renaissance. From new outposts of old favorites to noodle concepts that are avant-garde even by Tokyo standards, these last two years have been a ramen lover's dream. You want deeply rich pork broth Hakata-style? Bare, thick tsukemen noodles with condensed sauce on the side? Tomato basil ramen? You want it in Culver City? In Hollywood? Downtown? You got it.

Here's L.A. Weekly's definitive Los Angeles ramen map, marked with every ramen restaurant in town, including notes from L.A. Weekly writers to let you know which restaurant will best satisfy your ramen craving no matter where you are. Turn the page.

The map is organized like this: ramen restaurants are marked on the map with a bowl of noodles. If we've written about it, the bowl icon will be colored red, and clicking on it will bring up its address as well as a description from the L.A. Weekly about what to expect. Click on that description and you'll be sent to the article it was taken from to read an even more in-depth description of the restaurant and what you'll want to order.

If we haven't written about it, the bowl will be grey and you'll have the name and address to decide for yourself. Let us know if we missed your favorite or if a new one opened up that no one has heard of. In the meantime, happy noodling.

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