The Queen Mary ship in Long Beach is in “urgent” need of repairs to keep it from capsizing within the next few years.

According to the Long Beach Post, the ship was recently inspected by a marine engineer firm called Elliot Bay Design Group, which concluded the Queen Mary needed $23 million in renovations on top of $23 million for repairs that were already issued by the city.

“It’s an important part of not just Long Beach history, but the history of the country and its relationship with the U.K.,” Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia said of the Queen Mary Thursday. “So from a preservation perspective, I think it’s really, really important.”

While the city of Long Beach owns the ship, it is currently leased to Eagle Hospitality Trust. The company, however, underwent chapter 11 bankruptcy in January, forcing an auction of its lease for the Queen Mary. An auction was scheduled for this week, but was later extended until August 16.



LA Weekly