The Power Duo: How Brittany Dolin and Nicole Dayan Transformed Pocketbook Agency into a Premier Staffing Firm

Making a lasting impression in the highly competitive field of recruitment requires more than just a business strategy. It requires a human touch and a genuine connection with clients and candidates. Brittany Dolin and Nicole Dayan, Pocketbook Agency’s co-founders, have accomplished just that. Specializing in the placement of support-level and administrative positions for domestic and corporate clients throughout the United States, the duo is revolutionizing the recruitment landscape. With their unmatched perspective and dedication to fostering enduring and fulfilling job matches, they are making a profound impact on the lives of those in search of employment opportunities.

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Founded in 2014, Pocketbook Agency occupies a niche as an agency that prides itself on delivering personalized services to its clients. Taking a stand against the common practice of hastily filling roles with candidates that may not be the best match, Brittany and Nicole emphasize quality over quantity when hiring. With an approach that rejects treating employers and jobseekers as mere statistics, they insist on building meaningful relationships and providing individualized service. Their efforts have earned them an exceptional reputation, resulting in 90% of their business being generated through referrals, an undeniable testament to their reputation.

Having worked as assistants in the past, Brittany and Nicole have a comprehensive understanding of the nuances and complexities of each role, which fuels their relentless pursuit of the ideal match between companies looking to hire and job candidates. They are able to bring a unique perspective to their work by seamlessly integrating their firsthand experience as assistants into their approach. With its innovative approach, Pocketbook Agency has attracted a host of high-profile clients, including influential CEOs, entrepreneurs, and leaders from the tech, financial services, and entertainment industries. Their exceptional reputation has even attracted executives from Fortune 500 companies, who appreciate the agency’s personalized approach and commitment to excellence.

At the core of Pocketbook Agency’s support-level recruitment process is its exclusive Smarter Staffing Technique. Through a detailed understanding of clients’ needs and the intricacies of various industries, they ensure the best match is made for employers’ teams or families. Using their extensive experience and established network of job seekers, they curate a pool of seasoned professionals across various industries. Taking it beyond mere skill sets, their holistic approach emphasizes character and personality traits, forging lasting compatibility. Additionally, a thorough background screening and reference check will be conducted to ensure that the quality and reliability of their placements are upheld, ultimately fostering high-functioning and enduring teams.

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Another pivotal driver of Pocketbook Agency’s success lies in their readiness to embrace technological advancements. Staying at the forefront of innovation, the firm integrates cutting-edge tools and techniques into its operations to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving job market to always better serve its clients.

Despite Pocketbook Agency’s success, its fundamental commitment to trust and integrity remains unchanged. This set of core values is the foundation for the agency’s outstanding reputation, inspiring clients and candidates to place their unwavering trust in its services. Pocketbook Agency’s dedicated team is recognized across the US for their exceptional personalized approach, tailored to each and every individual or company they work with.

Reflecting on their journey, Brittany and Nicole offer valuable insights that transcend their business acumen. “Even in the face of adversity, when hope may seem elusive, we believe in the power of perseverance and never giving up!” the duo emphasizes. Their experiences have taught them that diligent work is never in vain; it is the bedrock of achievement, particularly during challenging times. Embracing a growth mindset, they assert, is paramount to propelling individuals forward on their career paths.

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Both Nicole & Brittany emphasize their focus on fostering an environment of inspiration and encouragement, not only within their organization but also in their interactions with clients and job seekers. This foundational ethos forms the bedrock of the duo’s leadership approach, permeating their team and influencing their daily engagements with clients and job seekers.

Each member of the agency’s team is driven by a collective zeal fueled by a genuine passion for their work and a deep love for their respective positions. The hunger and resolute leadership exhibited by the two women permeate every nook and cranny of the organization, creating an ambiance that enables employees to showcase their talents genuinely.

Pocketbook Agency’s pursuit of excellence has cemented its position as a renowned agency, attracting clients and job candidates from diverse backgrounds. Over the years, the agency has consistently provided exceptional employees who thrive in their respective fields, earning them recognition and feature articles in publications such as the Financial Times, Buzzfeed, and Forbes. While Pocketbook Agency operates in major cities across the United States, its influence crosses national borders, serving clients in Canada and the United Kingdom.

With their sights set on the future, Brittany, Nicole, and their dedicated team at Pocketbook Agency embark on a visionary mission. Grounded in their innovative approach, The Smarter Staffing technique, they continuously refine their strategies based on extensive feedback. As the Pocketbook brand expands, they eagerly anticipate unveiling developments that will elevate its capacity to serve outstanding clients and candidates nationwide.

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