Any rock journalist can tell you that Motörhead frontman and honorary Angeleno (he can easily be found at the Rainbow and a certain well-known East Hollywood bikini bar) Lemmy Kilmister gives great quote.

Lemmy's words of wisdom have the weight of a career that has taken The Bewarted One from the beat era (the Rockin' Vickers) to psychedelia (Sam Gopal) and space rock (Hawkwind) to his seminal combination of all that with the most basic metal riffing and a punk attitutde.

The heavy metal icon is currently promoting a years-in-the-making documentary simply called Lemmy (aka Lemmy the Movie). Recently unveiled at South By South West, the film has prompted Lemmy to menacingly amble down memory lane. Here's a digest of the best quotes he recently gave the UK's Uncut magazine, reminiscing over a bunch of old photographs.

Read and learn, kids. Vintage Lemmy.

On the Beat days of the mid-1960s: “We used to smash all our gear up and get hauled offstage by screaming women, drowning in chicks. The thing in those days was you had to get a lock of the musician's hair. When you've got 50 women trying to get at you with scissors, your opinion of the opposite sex takes something of a dive. They're like ravening animals…”

On the hippie years: “I just wanted to be the local longhaired guy doing all right. It was the middle of hippiedom, so we were right in the throat of the Woodstock generation. Which was all right with me. I never believed in it. Because there were too many cunts about, which there shouldn't be if the Age of Aquarius is actually upon us.

On Hawkwind: “We didn't get on that well, but I was very happy in Hawkwind, funnily enough. I would have never left if they hadn't fired me. I could've stayed with them forever, I think. […] They were miserable assholes.”

On Sid and Nancy: “As soon as the fucking woman came in , he didn't have a chance. She had him all wrapped up and polished, y'know. She introduced him to heroin. Hardcore, cynical sex, too. Which he'd never had much of before. Sid was looking for something to be addicted to. It might as well be a fat American bird on heroin, mightn't it?”

On “The Ace of Spades”: “It's a rocket up your pants, and a millstone around your neck. It could be a lot worse, couldn't it? We could've got famous for some absolute turkey and then you're singing it till the day you die. Imagine being in the Bay City Rollers…”

On The Plasmatics' Wendy O. Williams: “She was great, I used to fuck her. Although sometimes you ought to say she fucked me. She was a workout freak, muscles like steel rope.”

On Motörhead: “Motörhead is exactly what I want it to be. But for an odd remark somewhere, I could still've been working in a factory, and my brain would've been dead a long time. My whole life is Motörhead. I know intellectually, once I wasn't in Motörhead, but I can't remember how it felt. Licence to shit in the street, really.”

BONUS VIDEO: The teaser trailer for Lemmy:

[The second annual REVOLVER GOLDEN GODS AWARDS–presented by Epiphone–will tape Thursday, April 8 at Club Nokia and will air on VH1 Classic on May 22. Lemmy will be honored for his contribution to awesomeness.]

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