The 50th anniversary of the female contraceptive pill occurred over the weekend, and now a “pill” for men is closer to reality as the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center recently announced it's going to start testing a male contraceptive on patients.

The institute is looking for a few (actually 60) good men ages 18 to 50 to test out is hormonal gel combination that aims to cut male sperm count levels to the point at which conception is not possible. They're calling it the “Wang male contraceptive trial” because one of the principal researchers is Dr. Christina Wang. (Stop snickering, Beavis).

Wang promises this is probably good stuff, with discontinued use leading to normal sperm production — if the trials hold up her predictions.

” … The use of an application of testosterone and a progestin on the skin as a potential way to deliver the hormones to the body has not been tested,” Wang said (PDF). “This trial is a study of a testosterone gel, which was developed with testing at LA BioMed, to be used with a progestin gel called Nestorone to suppress sperm production. Upon stopping the application of the gel, the sperm production will return to the normal range.”

Okay guys, don't all line up at once. If it works the treatment would still need FDA approval — which takes way more time than foreplay.

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