The Opening of Big Art Church in East Hollywood

Listening to William Close and the Earth Harp Collective @ L.A.'s Big Art ChurchListening to William Close and the Earth Harp Collective @ L.A.'s Big Art Church

L.A.'s Big Art Church — a studio, gallery, school and performance venue in a a former church built in the 1920s in East Hollywood — had its opening and first major event last Sunday. Highlighting artists from across the Los Angeles metro area, “The Big Art Experience” was so big it had both an afternoon and an evening show. Featuring DJ Aurelito, Paradox and Balinese Monkey Chant, DJ T-Lee, DJ Dewey Decible with Mark Trance and Earth Harp in the big room (i.e. the Church) The Big Art Experience featured artists, Mr. Stubbs, Rachel Kann, Amanda Sage, Lauren Stegmaier, Artists John Park & Hans Haveron Painting Collaborations, Angelina Christina, Shrine On , Eric Sayers, Hans Walør // Art + Design, Michael Divine – TenThousandVisions, Matt Elson's Artwork, Devngosha, Hayley Marie Colston, Sarah Stieber Fine Art, William Stout, Radhika Hersey, David Art Lawell, Daniel Blimes, Christopher Slaymaker, Steve Martinez , Robert Nelson , Michael Christy , Edith Waddell Art, Chris Slaymaker, Mike Taiyou and Noah Gallo-Brown. All photos by Star Foreman.

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