Thanks to Gustavo Arellano for this one. (We just forwarded your post, Gustavo, to our own overworked and much-appreciated copy editor. All in italics.) Just in time for a whole summer of writing about new Food Network shows, the AP has come out with a new Food Guidelines section for the Associated Press Stylebook. The 16-page section, dedicated exclusively to food, wine and spirits, consolidates more than 400 food names and terms, including 140 new entries. Things that made the cut and are thus no longer italicized: Locavore, ghee, farmstead, amuse-bouche. (So much for hoping that last one would disappear forever, along with bell-bottoms and sideburns. Hyphenated and single word, respectively.)

The new AP section also provides answers to style questions of the kitchen and table (Really? Like where to put all those forks?) and includes an official AP Recipe Style. Thank god. So if you're reading this, please stop writing your recipes as if you're a 13-year-old girl scribbling in your diary. No exclamation marks. No emoticons. In recipes for roasted balsamic strawberries with Tahitian vanilla bean foam, or otherwise.

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