When we were kids, “naughty” was a negative word. But as adults it’s something entirely different. It’s about being confident in yourself and your body. Naughty is relative, subjective and it can mean whatever an individual wants it to. It isn’t a competition. It’s something personal to explore and respect. So says Sienna Sinclaire, the self-proclaimed “Naughty Girl of L.A.,” a woman who has sought to celebrate the naughty inside of everyone via books, parties and fashion, online and in the flesh.

“Some explore their naughty side and realize they are pretty tame, and that’s fine. Then there are those who take it to the next level,” the Los Feliz resident shares on a recent sultry afternoon. “By exploring your naughty, it helps you to learn so much about yourself.”

“Think about when you first started having sex or exploring your sexuality,” she continues. “I’m sure you were nervous, scared, shy, unsure, lacking confidence. But the more you explored and learned about yourself, the more confident you became, the sexier you felt and the more naughty you wanted to be.”

When Sinclaire moved to L.A. from London several years ago, she sought to meld her love of history, sex and travel into a livelihood. She decided to write a coffee table travel book, and proceeded to spend two years putting it together, covering the 1920s to present day in Los Angeles, and featuring sexy things to do — from restaurants, hotels and clubs to burlesque shows, sex clubs and fetish parties.

“There wasn’t a naughty history book on L.A., so that took a lot of research, watching movies, documentaries and reading lots of books,” she recalls. “You can tell a lot about a city’s past by its naughty history… every city has one.”

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From the book (Naughty LA)

A magazine, website, and Naughty Tours of L.A. soon followed. Naughty Los Angeles online lists every naughty event here via calendar. Sinclair also helps people plan trips to L.A. with ebooks and throws her own private members-only monthly parties via a Meetup group that’s 10,000 members strong.
Google the “Naughty Girl of L.A.” and Sinclaire’s image and online offerings will pop up, something she’s proud of. “I’ve worked hard to earn that title,” she says. “No one else has taken L.A.’s naughty side to the level that I have.”

Sinclaire’s Naughty Los Angeles parties aren’t “swinger parties,” but they do get wild. She doesn’t kiss and tell about how much, but says that people can and do “get as comfortable as they want or not.”

“Members don’t just attend my events for the ‘naughty’,” she insists. “They keep coming for how amazing my themes are, the people, me, how safe I make them feel…. No one else hosts events like mine in L.A. I’m not saying there aren’t “sex parties” in L.A., but most of them just say “dress sexy,” “wear a mask.” Then they find some house with an EDM DJ and fill it with couples for sex. Boring! I’ve been to those parties a million times.”

Sinclaire employs themes and immersive touches at erotic events held in her spacious and gorgeous L.A. home. She has a hot tub and heated pool, and people usually get naked. Entertainment, music, drinks and snacks, plus unique touches incorporating costume, interactive demos and more make for a decadent environment that recalls Eyes Wide Shut–style fetes but with a more thematic, intimate and inclusive vibe.

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In Naughty Girl Clothing (Naughty LA)

Though she’s a fit blonde who fancies seductive clothing (which led to an online clothing shop), she promotes body positivity for women and men of all sizes and styles. After seeing how people were treated at nightclubs and at swinger parties because of the way they looked, their size and choices in life, Sinclaire decided her gatherings would never discriminate. Naughty is best when there’s a nice and varied party mix.

“Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Women of all sizes aren’t ashamed of their bodies as they walk around my house naked and men just loving the way they look,” she relates about her open, friendly, sex positive and body positive environments. “It’s such an amazing experience when you’re in a room full of people who love their bodies, have no judgements, and are exposing themselves in such a private way to others.”

Empowering women in particular is a strong undercurrent to everything Sinclaire does, and banishing sex-shaming is something she fights and writes about in her blogs and social media.

“I’m sex-shamed on a daily basis,” she reveals. “But [it’s] something I’m used to as I know my line of work is going to get a lot of negative comments and I need to walk a fine line when it comes to sharing it with others. “

In terms of her events, Sinclaire has what she calls “Naughty Levels.” “I tell my guests that everyone has their own naughty level. And whatever that level is, no one should be made fun of or be made to feel bad,” she explains. “Sex shaming isn’t just about shaming those for being naughty as it can be the reverse — for not being naughty. So I remind people of both. No guest is to be made to feel bad if they are having sex with more than one person, group, etc. or if they are not… [no one should] be made to feel bad for just coming and watching. I have many members who just come to watch, as they want to see what my parties are about, if these parties are for them, or they are taking baby steps.”

Naughty Girl clothing, her most recent venture, is, like her events,  about challenging societal boundaries about what’s “appropriate.” “I want to point out that you can look amazing no matter your age,” Sinclaire, who is 41, proclaims. “I see so many women changing their style of dress as they get older. It’s as if women or men just give up when they reach a certain age. I want to help women to look and feel their best with my clothing line. When you look your best, you feel more confident. When you feel confident in what you’re wearing, you feel sexy. “

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(Naughty LA)

Teaching confidence classes for both men and women in person, on YouTube and via her blogs, Sinclaire’s clothing outlet is just another extension of her lifestyle brand’s bold and bodacious mindset. She also sells sex toys via her website and hopes to expand that end of the business soon. Naughty Guides to cities beyond L.A., including Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego, and Vancouver have furthered her reach as well.

“I travel around the world, and since I can’t write a book on every city, I write blogs on my website,” she says. “People can learn how to travel more naughty along with different things to do in a city.”

Combining it all has helped the female entrepreneur go more mainstream, and as culture shifts lean toward more open and accepting views on sex, she clearly aims to lead the way.

“Just at my parties alone, I see complete changes in people from when they first attend. They will usually arrive shy, nervous, scared as to what to expect and that’s all normal,” she explains. “They see others being their best selves, a safe place to come and explore their sexuality (or just watch), meeting like-minded people, a place where there is no body shaming, and it changes them. They go from being that shy person to walking in with confidence and being more open to their naughty natures.”

Check out Sinclaire’s websites for more info: NaughtyLifestyleGuide.com (blog); NaughtyTravelGuide.com (travel); NaughtyStore.la (sex toys); NaughtyGirlShop.com (online fashion store). 


Sienna Sinclaire’s 5 Favorite Naughty Spots in L.A.:

naughty5 804083Club Joi: “Only swingers club in L.A. that’s open weekly. Fun place to go for couples where couples can play and dance.” clubjoi.com.

The Pleasure Chest: “First female friendly sex toy store from the ’70s that caters to everyone. They are extremely knowledgeable and welcoming to any sexuality. Plus, they offer free sex classes on Wednesdays.” 7733 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood. (323) 650-1022. thepleasurechest.com.

Jumbo’s Clown Room: “This is a fun local bar that’s not your normal strip club. It’s very small, so gets crowded quickly. It’s a bikini bar where women don’t take off their clothes, it’s more about the acts.” 5153 Hollywood Blvd. jumbos.com.

Babylon Cabaret: “Sexy burlesque shows on the weekends at El Cid with different themes. You can go with friends or on a date. Outdoor patio for drinks, dinner and show inside. Makes for a sexy night out.” 4212 W Sunset Blvd.  babyloncabaret.com.

Nude Comedy LA: “Something different and fun to do in L.A. They have different themes from Bingo, pool parties to a regular comedy night. They have a small theater where you go to watch comedians in the nude. Guests are welcome to come naked but not required.” nudecomedyla.com.


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