Some sad news: Today is my last day as L.A. Weekly music editor.

Ok, so for some of you that's terrific news. Nonetheless, I am horribly sad about the whole thing and will miss everyone terribly. I'm leaving to embark on a project that's not ready for prime time, but I promise to keep you posted.

You're left in extremely capable hands: Andy Hermann, our current contributing editor, has been promoted to music editor. He possesses that rare combination of great writing skills and great editing skills, and he's also smarter than you

In any case, before I leave I'd like to run down a few favorite stories published during my time, written by the incomparably great group of staffers and freelancers at the Weekly. My knowledge has often come up short, these folks know everything. Though there are way too many people to thank for their amazing contributions, below are some my favorite music stories Weekly' scribes.


V-Nasty: As Nasty As She Wants to Be

By Rebecca Haithcoat
Remember V-Nasty, the white female rapper who dropped all those N-bombs? Yes, this is the definitive story on her. Haithcoat also broke the stories of Speak and Iggy Azalea

The Gaslamp Killer's Near-Death Account
By Jeff Weiss
Weiss is a terrific writer and reporter, but sometimes his greatness lies in good old fashioned access. 

Brian Wilson's Secret Bedroom Tapes
By Brian Chidester
Brian Wilson didn't go crazy like everyone thought; he just holed up and made some amazing music, which for some reason is still not released. 

Funk Volume: Valley-Based Rap Label Builds an Independent Empire 
By Max Bell
Bell told the story of the formation of this surprisingly under-heralded crew, whom your nephew is probably super into.

East L.A. Backyard Punk Scene Rages On
By Javier Cabral
This vivid story just jumps off the page. 

How Diplo Is Like Jack in the Box
By Katie Bain
Bain is a gifted writer whose talents go far beyond this but, man, this is a delightful read. 

Odd Future's Syd the Kyd Joins The Internet
By Andrea Domanick
As the dek says: She's a girl who likes girls. So why is she in a group that keeps saying “faggot”?

The Church on York Has Amazing Buzz. But Can It Last?
By Jennifer Swann
It could not. But Swann, as always, had the full story from the ground. 

How Pasquale Rotella Built His Rave Empire 
By Dennis Romero
To report this story, Romero rode in a helicopter with Rotella, Holly Madison, Afrojack, and James Frey. Just everyday stuff.

It's damn hard to put out a compelling weekly column, but Henry Rollins, Jessica Hopper, and Jeff Weiss pull it off. 

Fidlar Are Drunk, Reckless and Proud of It 
By Kai Flanders
Nobody conveys the sounds and smells of young sweaty people like Flanders. 

Yeezus: Good, Not Great, and Quite Misogynist
By Kris Ex
Certainly the best piece of music criticism published here under my watch. 

KROQ's Still Popular, But Does It Still Rock?
By Artemis Thomas-Hansard  
Whether she's talking to her dad about Alien Ant Farm or asking the tough questions about an L.A. institution, Thomas-Hansard knows what's up. 

Exclusive: Why Glenn Frey Is Pissed at Jeff Bridges
By Paul T. Bradley 
Bradley is, without a doubt, the greatest living writer of fake Glenn Frey news

Great White's Jack Russell Is a Hair-Metal Survivor
By Jason Roche  
Russell lives on a boat with his wife/nurse, occasionally rising to perform before small crowds. Roche captured him in all his fading glory. 

Review of Fiona Apple at Hollywood Palladium, 7/29/12
By Falling James
This is one of three reviews that won Falling James the top AAN prize for criticism last year.

Hardcore Group ACxDC Are Dead Serious About Their Satanism. Except When They're Not
By Nicholas Pell
Pell's pitch consisted of introducing me to the word “powerviolence” and me saying “sold.”  

What Music Do Frat Guys Like?
By Mary Grace Cerni
No seriously. 

Chanel West Coast: The Other White Female Rapper
By Amanda Lewis 
A day in the life of the person who is not Iggy Azalea. 

Top 20 Musicians of All Time, in Any Genre
By Chris Walker
Again, Walker's full talents are not displayed here, but bwahahaha. Also, peep Daniel Kohn's follow-up with the winner. 

Here Are the Songs They Play at a Middle School Dance
By Shea Serrano
The gold standard for that thing Serrano does that has made him rich and famous-ish. 

Exclusive: A Disgruntled Label Exec Spills the Beans About Taylor Swift's Insane-Sounding New Album
By Brian McManus
Before he got all fancy at the Village Voice, McManus knew how to land a fucking scoop. 

Crazy Town's Shifty Shellshock Is Out of His Coma! Here's Everything You Need To Know About Him
By Chaz Kangas 
This is one of the best pieces about Shifty Shellshock that Kangas has ever written. 

Las Cafeteras Defy Tradition
Erica E. Phillips  
Toes got stepped on. 

Why L.A. Is More Punk than New York
By Art Tavana
After this was published, everyone came around to the point of view expressed. 

Peter Murphy Nearly Melted Down at the El Rey on Saturday
By Liz Ohanesian 
Ohanesian brings a deep knowledge of the darkwave scene and many others.

Listening to Four Hours of Dubstep While Reading 50 Shades of Grey Was a Terrible Idea
By Mary Carreon 
Who could have guessed?

Father John Misty Just Quit Fleet Foxes: We Get High in His Van
By Aaron Frank 
So much better than the headline makes it sound. 

Rolling Stones at the Echoplex: Reviewed
Lina Lecaro
Lecaro is almost always in the right place at the right time. 

Doing Drugs, Lots of Drugs, With Myka 9
By Danielle Bacher 
Bacher's got balls. 

The Black Castle’s Mysterious Proprietor
By Theis Duelund 
He's not so mysterious anymore. 

How My Brother and I Got Through Our Parents' Divorce
By KC Libman 
It's not easy to put a deeply troubling personal story out there, but it undoubtedly helps others with their own stories. 

Sonny Rollins Fans Go Ballistic About New Yorker Article
By Sean J. O'Connell 
True story: A famous, L.A.-based publicist once complained to me that we covered too much black music. 

Montell Jordan Is Now a Megachurch Pastor
By Imade Nibokun 
This is how we do it. 

Big Pimpin': Pimp cups have real players and white kids alike dropping cash
By Gabrielle Canon
The definitive story on the pimp cup. 

We Hang Out With Some Crazy Marines Drinking Their Asses Off at Coachella
By Nate Jackson 
But what about, like, covering the music?

Eazy-E's Grave Is Hard to Find – But I Did It
By Isaac Simpson 
News you can use. 

Haim: You've heard of them.
Pamela Chelin, Molly Bergen, and Tessa Stuart made sure of that.

Battle Rap: I'm Just Not That Into You
By James “Nocando” McCall 
King of all media.

Moses Sumney
Was not our best intern but 

The Ten Best Reggaeton Songs of the Last Half Decade: A Survival Guide in the Age of Pitbull
By Simone Wilson 
Number nine though. 

Lil Debbie Is Ready For Her Private Jet 
By Kelsey Whipple
Let it never be said that we did not sufficiently cover the White Girl Mob during my tenure. 

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