Browsing the gallery of photos that is The Museum of Fat Love, these folks don't seem that unusual. Mostly they seem like, well…the vast majority of America. No pun intended (okay, fine, yes, pun intended).

So, on the one hand, it's strange that such a “museum” exists, because museum connotes anomaly and fatness is anything but anomalous these days. On the other hand, how often do we really see images like these in the popular culture?

For that alone, the site is worth a look. What do you guys think about fat love?

Ann-Marie and Ryan

“Our first date was a blanket in the park, eating strawberries and laughing,” says Ann-Marie. “One year later, we got married in Las Vegas.”

Credit: All photos via Museum of Fat Love

Credit: All photos via Museum of Fat Love

Bob and Jamie

“We bought a house in 2004, got married in 2005, and have been blissfully fat together through good times and bad ever since.”

Anonymous Husband and Wife

“My husband and I met on a dating website for plus-sized people…He loves me – not 'because' I'm fat – not 'in spite of' my fat – but regardless of my fat. It doesn't matter what size I am to him – and it doesn't matter what size he is, to me.”

Tiffany and Will

“An afternoon together turned into an all-day affair – lunch at a cozy Italian place, him actually suffering through The Devil Wears Prada, and eventually kissing.”

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