The Most Instagram-Worthy Dishes at L.A. Restaurants

Green garlic bisquebasilbasilblackberry and blueberry ginger compoteblackberry and blueberry ginger compoteduck confitBone Kettle; Credit: Anne Fishbein" data-rightCaption="">crushed pecans and roasted mushrooms in spiced coconut sauce at Bone Kettle; Credit: Anne FishbeinFatty brisket with sweet onion puréeBone Kettle; Credit: Anne Fishbein" data-rightCaption="">broth and sliced beef ribs at Bone Kettle; Credit: Anne FishbeinBone Kettle; Credit: Anne Fishbein" data-rightCaption="">Fatty brisket with sweet onion purée at Bone Kettle; Credit: Anne FishbeinNero risottoprawnsprawnsprawnsthe Ponte; Credit: Anne Fishbein" data-rightCaption="">truffles and bacon at the Ponte; Credit: Anne Fishbeinthe Ponte; Credit: Anne Fishbein" data-rightCaption="">Wood-roasted branzino at the Ponte; Credit: Anne FishbeinWood-roasted prawnsWood-roasted prawnsWood-roasted prawnsfried eggfried eggGo Get Them Tiger; Credit: Anne Fishbein" data-rightCaption="">ricotta and honey at Go Get Them Tiger; Credit: Anne FishbeinShakshuka: poached eggs in tomato stewShakshuka: poached eggs in tomato stewbarberries and white beansbarberries and white beansbarberries and white beansP.Y.T.; Credit: Anne Fishbein" data-rightCaption="">ginger and jujube butter and Argental-Berbere cheese dip at P.Y.T.; Credit: Anne FishbeinHand-milled rye and rolled oat porridge with pecorinoHand-milled rye and rolled oat porridge with pecorinoP.Y.T.; Credit: Anne Fishbein" data-rightCaption="">arbol chili and French feta at P.Y.T.; Credit: Anne FishbeinSake-marinated foie grasTsubaki; Credit: Anne Fishbein" data-rightCaption="">milk bread and pickled Asian pear at Tsubaki; Credit: Anne FishbeinTsubaki; Credit: Anne Fishbein" data-rightCaption="">Roasted green tea soft-serve parfait at Tsubaki; Credit: Anne Fishbein

If you haven't yet been to all the fashionable new Los Angeles restaurants — we're talking Kismet, Wolfdown, P.Y.T., Manuela, the Ponte, Destroyer, Erven, Tsubaki and more — might we suggest that you experience them vicariously through these photos? Smells, unfortunately, not included.

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