It’s that time of year: When we cover the strains we’re most excited about all over California for the holiday.

This year’s lineup is everything you can expect to conquer summer and climb to the summit of Mount Hype to find their place in eternal clout.

DEO Farms – Zoap

Photo and video courtesy of DEO Farms.

From the team at Deep East Oakland Farms that brought us RS11, DEO’s new offering Zoap is expected to be one of the big hitters of 2021. In the most technical sense, the Zoap is the RS #16 F2 line pheno #21. In the common tongue, it’s Zkittelz and Detergent terps pulled out of a genetic line that DEO has been working for the last five years. Keep an eye out for a full write-up we’ll be doing on DEO Farms soon.


Jungle Boys – Frosted Gelato

Photo: Jungle Boys

We’ve got a sneak peek at one of the Jungle Boys’ newest flavors. The Frosted Gelato is a house favorite among a killer lineup of flavors they plan on dropping for the holiday across their three locations. While we understand why this Gelato 45 x Mike Larry OG is one of the ones they’re most excited about, we have no doubt the Florida Wedding #15, Rainbow Belts and Jungle Pie will be exceptional too.


Kenny Powers – 2090 Shit

Photo: Jimi Devine

The latest offering from the Powerzzzup team we covered in our main 4/20 feature this year, it lives up to the legacy of its forefathers like Cereal Milk and the top of hype on the rec market, Gary Payton. The chunky and dense nugs carry the best of that San Francisco dessert nose that knocked OG Kush down a peg over the last 12 years. The wildest part is it tickles your sinus as a wild gassy OG strain would without any hints of fuel in the nose.


CAM – La Paleta

Photos: CAM/Chewberto420


The latest awesome Seed Junky rendition from CAM, La Paleta is exceptionally good pot. The strain is a pairing of Ice Cream Cake and Sherbert, both of which have certainly had their time at the top including Ice Cream Cake winning the Emerald Cup. We felt like the La Paleta leaned a little more on the Ice Cream side of things and were totally cool with it but the Sherbert gives the flavor a twist.

Cannatique – Lemon Cherry Gelato

Photo: Cannatique

Cannatique’s flowers gained a lot of steam during the pandemic, and while there are a few strains getting people excited, we had to go with the Lemon Cherry Gelato. It really does live up to the name. The extra sweetness on top of the gelato is sharp like a pinch of cherry concentrate from the bottom of a slushee machine.

Turtle Pie – Sidewalk Sunday 

Photo: Turtle Pie Co.

Another NorCal import, you can check out Turtle Pie Co drops locally at Greenwolf. Most of their pot is well above average, but the X-Rose and Sidewalk Sunday were the standouts for us. In the end, we found the high of the Sidewalk Sunday a bit more uppity and unique than the kick of the X-Rose. Expect dessert terps and great trichome density.

Connected – Slow Lane

Photo: Connected

Connected has been breeding their own hitters for a long time and just took home the first-ever indoor trophy at The Emerald Cup. The newest to the lineup is Slow Lane. Connected has decided to keep their cards a little closer to their chest moving forward so people don’t try and recreate their heater inhouse cuts, but as long as everything smokes award-winning that’s fine. Slow Lane is a purple party – expect it to be full-bodied.

Alien Labs – Planet Milk

Photo: Alien Labs

Planet Milk is all things space hype this 4/20. Alien Labs’ newest offering brings together the wildly popular Milky Way with Planet Dosi. Everything Alien Labs is growing going forward will bred in-house. The Zkittelz x Wedding Cake terps of Milky Way were legit out of this world so we’re excited to see this next generation hit the streets.

Alien Labs – Sherbacio X Biscotti phenos #20, #3 and #1

Photo: Alien Labs

We love it when big names release multiple phenos of something and let the streets pick their favorite terps. This second appearance from Alien Labs on this year’s list is well-deserved for sure. You have to get excited about the pairing of these two strains. Now it’s up to you to figure out which of the three phenos that made it to the rec market is the best.


Lumpy – LAX

LA Snow is heat, and Lumpy’s pairing of it with his famous Apple Fritter certainly is no exception. Lumpy originally put Apple terps on the map, we’re excited to see his new work on the line hold up with some of the best apple phenos we’ve seen in the wild over the last couple of years. Anything you can get your hands on from Lumpy is worth trying.


Compound – Rose Gold Runtz

Photo: Compound Genetics

We’re big fans of Compound Genetics here at L.A. Weekly. While they regularly drop their genetics in big waves after working a line, there are a few to really get you extra worked up. We have a lot of faith Rose Gold Runtz. Few companies are getting people this excited right now about genetics and Rose Gold Runtz only looks to throw some jet fuel on the fire.


Green Dragon LA – Feria The Fetti by Green Dragon 

Green Dragon’s recent winner of the High Times SoCal Cannabis Cup hybrid category was well deserved. I actually judged the category myself. While not as easy on the eyes as some, everything else about the Feria The Fetti offering was in the best in show debate. The combination of skunk and pine with fuel background notes made me hold the rest of the pack to a higher accountability level because I knew the weed had been in a situation where it could be at least this good.


Wonderbrett x B-Real – Pineapple OZK

Photo: Wonderbrett/Permafade

As we recently covered, Pineapple OZK is the latest collaboration between Wonderbrett and B-Real. This time they’re pairing Wonderbrett founder Brett Feldman’s classic Pineapple pheno with the 3rd Gen Fam-bred OZK they originally kicked off the collab with. Expect this one to be widely available and making waves in the months ahead.


Fig Farms – Kush Sorbet

Photo: Fig Farms

We get that listening to us talk about how good Fig Farms’ pot is it sounds more like your crazy uncle talking about the first time he did DMT in the woods, but every time you try a new jar from them it really is that life-changing. The latest to take our breath away is Kush Sorbet. Fig grew Kush Sorbet from seed. The females all showed desirable look and smell characteristics. After smoking the females, they found one that truly stood out from the rest. The winning phenotype has a profile on the “dirty” side of kush. The taste is reminiscent of the dirt on a carrot pulled from the earth. A grapefruit tang spices up the overwhelming kushiness.


Wizard Trees x Doja Pak– Studio 54

Photo: Doja Pak

Remember all the hype the RS11 pheno hunted down by Wizard Trees caused last October. Well get ready to do it all over again. The Studio 54 is the other big winner from the same propagation efforts that found the RS11. I think the Zkittelz terps were a pinch more pronounced in the RS11 compared to the Studio 54 but I’d be thrilled to smoke either any day of the week.

Cookies x Snoop

Photos: Cookies

Cookies is dropping its latest collaboration on 4/20 and this time it’s with one of the patron saints of rap and weed, Snoop Dogg. The blunt enthusiast is officially teaming up with Berner and the gang for Doggy Bags. We’re pretty sure anything Snoop is going to put his name on is going to be heat. This is because he’s been floating around behind the scenes as a big-money investor for a bit and has had a long time to eyeball cuts. he must have found something that finally caught his eye with Cookies.

Your Highness – Shady Meringue

Photo: Your Highness

The latest terpene-soaked sensation from Your Highness, Shady Meringue is a new project they bred themselves. It brings together the Shady Apples, which has one of the bigger pandemics of any rec pheno, and the Lemon Meringue. The Lemon Meringue is the same one they used to create Lemon Mints, arguably the best Limonene heavy Kush Mints variation we’ve seen. In addition to great pot, you can check out the holiday clothing drop Your Highness is doing with Broken Promises in our product guide.


Seed Junky – Big Apple

The Seed Junky team are some of the biggest names in L.A. cannabis as you can tell from multiple appearances on this list. And while we could have picked any of their heaters without fear for this 4/20 list, we went with the Big Apple in honor of New York. Big Apple is another of the second-generation Apple Fritter crosses we’re really excited about. For this strain it was paired with Sherbert.

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