The Melvins have just announced they will be playing a Spaceland residency every Friday in January 2011.

LA Weekly's Erin Broadley recently talked to Buzzo about their current wave of success (Billboard 200 album? check), and he continued extolling the virtues of being an LA band:

Last we talked we discussed the music scene in L.A. and you said that the Melvins didn't move here for the music scene initially, but that if you were starting a band today this is where you'd want to be. Does that still hold up?

Buzz Osborne: Yeah, I think so. I would move here because it'd be somewhere I'd want to live, and now it's gotten better for bands. I don't have any interest in living in New York. It's a fun place to visit but I don't have much interest in living there. I'm much more L.A.

Read Erin Broadley's interview with Buzzo here.

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