J. Keith van Straaten, who hosted What's My Line: Live for a long and popular run at the Acme Theatre, was born to be a game show host. More suave than Richard Dawson, as natty as Jim Lange, though less square-jawed than Chuck Woolery, van Straaten helms a new weekly panel/matchmaking comedy show called The Fix-Up Show, which he describes thus: “A single person agrees to be fixed up on a date by a panel consisting of three people: two who know the single well and one celebrity who's never met him/her. That panel interviews three prospective matches and chooses one of them to go out on a real date with the single. On the next show, we find out if the matched pair wants to go on a second date. It's all real, spontaneous, and funny. And no one has to eat bugs or make out with Bret Michaels.” Upcoming guest celebs include Susan Olsen (The Brady Bunch), Alex Borstein and The Benson Interruption's Doug Benson (Doug Benson is a celebrity now?). Would Mr. van Straaten ever go on such a show? “Yes,” he practically pants. “I love being fixed up. Alas, the cobbler's children have no shoes.”

Wednesdays, 8 p.m. Starts: Nov. 10. Continues through Dec. 15, 2010

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