The Long Lost is the new project by Alfred Darlington (Daedalus) and his wife Laura Darlington, who have their debut CD coming out on the great Canadian label Ninja Tune in March. To celebrate the release, the pair will hold an afternoon tea party at the Velaslavasay Panorama, “an exhibition hall, theatre and garden dedicated to the production and presentation of unusual visual experiences, including those of the 360-degree variety.” Leave to the Deadalus family to secure such an incredible and unique setting for an event.

That's not the only thing cool about it. The other thing is that the afternoon tea on Sunday is a “semi-formal” affair — meaning that your finest dress is encouraged, though not necessarily required (that said, you'll like like a skid if you come in your flip flops.) It'd help if there were some frills and velvet involved, as well, and perhaps an ascot.

In addition to The Long Lost, also on the bill will be Douglas Lee, glass harpist, and Janeen Rae Heller, musical saw player.

It's a small space, and only a handful of tickets are available. But what else that fancy is happening on a Sunday afternoon (and the Oscars don't count). For ticket information, go here.

And here's Flying Lotus' remix of The Long Lost's “Woebegone.”

Woebegone (Fly Los Like Woe) – The Long Lost

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