The Locust is Buzzing Again: San Diego hardcore band The Locust plays the Observatory in the OC on Tuesday evening. It’s been a while since their last studio album, New Erections, so who knows that to expect besides masks and heavy noise?

We spoke to bassist and vocalist Justin Pearson back in 2019, and he told us that: “Obviously we’ve grown as humans in 25 years. We were much younger when we started the band, and in very different places in our lives. And with that being said, the world as we know it has drastically changed. So obviously we’ve adjusted and that has clearly affected our music, as it should. It’s a natural metamorphosis, but to answer the question accurately, we’d have to look at all facets of the world we live in.”

Pearson is also a member of Dead Cross with Dave Lombardo and Mike Patton. Of that he said: “I think all life experiences would lend to some sort of evolutionary process. Granted, it’s one’s opinion, but I don’t think that we would work on other projects and then come back to The Locust and decide to suck. Then again, everyone is a critic, and we can refer to the comments online. For me, and I assume for the others in the band, working on other projects does help with our overall experiences and probably brings in new ideas.”

What to expect from a Locust show? “About 40 or so minutes of ‘music’.” said Pearson. “Possibly some emesis by a member of the band, and possibly by the audience as well. Also the exchange of energy and means of communicating.”

Therapy (not, as far as we can tell, the awesome Northern Irish band) and Sonido de la Frontera also play.

The Locust is Buzzing Again: The event takes place at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, December 7 at the Observatory.


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