Gone are the days where men had to use clay, pomade, and paste-based products to keep their hair looking sleek. Today, a trend has been taking over TikTok, and this is the use of hair styling powder. This trend has been growing in popularity, especially among men. The reason why men love to buy this product is because it is able to add texture and volume to their hair. Hair styling powder is mostly popular for guys with thinning hair, given that it makes their hair fuller and thicker. 

What makes hair styling powder for men a fan-favorite?

The common varieties of hair products seen in the market are pomade, clay, cream, gel, paste, and wax. Then, a new contender has recently entered the scene, and this type of hair styling product is in powder form. 

At first, a hair styling powder was unheard of, so, naturally, no one went and bought these products. But when these products began to be advertised organically and through social media marketing campaigns, their popularity only grew from there. 

Approximately 748 million views were garnered from videos mentioning hair styling powder. The reason this product is popular in the first place is because of its ability to provide movement and volume to the hair. 

To give a better visualization of this product, the texture and appearance are similar to those of regular powder. One of the ingredients of this product that is mainly responsible for providing that gritty, high-volume thick hair is silica. 

As compared to other types of hair styling products, this variant is fairly easy to apply, is lightweight and re-workable, and offers a matte finish. 

So, men who despise greasy hair will love this product. As a matter of fact, a lot of people have given their fair share of sentiments regarding this particular hair styling product in online forums. 

The majority of these men state that hair styling powders have done wonders for them given that they are able to hold the shape of their desired hairstyle for hours on end without making it feel heavy and look greasy over time.

Trending DTC startups that have recently launched  hair styling powders for men

If you frequently browse through TikTok, you may have noticed two brands that keep popping up whenever you search for “hair styling powder.” Namely, these are Slick Gorilla and OSiS+. 


The best product from OSiS+ is their OSiS Dust It Mattifying Powder, which has received 14,598 reviews on Amazon alone, 70% of which are 5-star reviews. 

What makes this product so amazing is that it is lightweight and offers an all-day matte finish on the hair. Plus, it actually does what it says it will do for the hair in terms of smoothing and volumizing it. When you style your hair as you like, a small amount of dusting will work wonders to make it thicker and fuller. 

In short, this product has the best of both worlds—it is effective and affordable! This hair styling powder currently retails for $8.42 on Amazon for a pack of 0.35 ounces. 

Slick Gorilla 

This brand is not entirely new to the market since it was established in 2016, but it is still considered a startup when compared to other pre-exisitng brands. Needless to say, Slick Gorilla was able to trample on older brands with its innovative hair styling powder. 

Slick Gorilla’s very own Slick Hair Powder is a force to be reckoned with. Regardless of the style you fixed your hair in, it can give the hair a strong hold and keep the hair matte for hours. 

For those who are looking for a scentless product that mattes, lifts, provides volume to the hair, and is easily reworkable, there is no other product that can provide all these qualities than the Slick Hair Powder. 

Slick Gorilla’s hair styling powder has over 17,000 reviews to its name, and 64% of them are classified as 5-star ratings. This hair styling powder for men comes in at $18.00 on Amazon for 0.70 ounces of product. 

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