The last Radio Room at The Edison went out with more of a pfffttt and less of a bang! And when I say, “last Radio Room,” I mean, like, maybe ever. It's understandable that the party's being shelved for this year. But what about next year? As it turns out, some rainmaking staff are leaving the steam punk club. To find out where, keep reading.

First Matty Eggleston was there for a hot minute before fleeing for San Fran. It was Joe Brooke's last night, even though he just returned from Vegas–where he's in the running for America's Next Top, er, Bartender. And rumor has it that Marcos Tello is done as well. Where are they all going?

The Tar Pit, the new spot from Audrey Saunders of The Pegu Club in NYC and Mark Peel (Campanile, The Point), which is set to open next month on North La Brea. Naomi Schimek, profiled here two weeks ago, is another L.A. cocktailian rumored to have won a spot behind the new bar.

As the lights went up on the party well before one a.m., what looked like L.A.'s cocktail industry stood around, not sure what to do with the night's waning drinking hours. We've had our fun. We logged our mileage. And waking up without a hangover isn't such a bad thing. Let's just not make a habit of it.

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