In honor of 7/10, we’ve got a rundown of hash companies that are sure to help you reach firework altitude this holiday season.

Hash is a finicky world. For all the elite material out there coveted by the world’s best extractors, there is even more boof being processed every year by the rapidly expanding cannabis industry. Much of that lowest tier of extract will find its way to vape pens and other low-tier products.

But now, more than at any point in the modern cannabis era, some of that inferior product will attempt to be passed off as something just below the big dogs. And while there is plenty of decent well-intended deals and steals hash out there, there are also those products always intended to be sold above their true market value.

Nevertheless, have no worries with this group of killers:

Hash and Flower

Photo courtesy of Hash and Flower

Hash and Flowers have exploded onto the scene in recent months with similar levels of excitement to the George Foreman Grill in 1994. It’s warranted. All the hash we’ve seen from them so far has been well above average across the board. The Poochie’s Papaya really caught our attention in the early drops, and we’ve already been quoted as saying the Honey Banana is the greatest banana terpene profile of all time. For their newest runs, the Garlic Cake is a must.

The Original Z

Photo: Jimi Devine

Home to generation-defining terpenes, there is zero mistaking the Original Z team’s work regardless of the recent rebrand. We plan on diving into the whole tale with them later in the summer, but make no mistake about it, the terps that conquered the second half of the 2010s are as elite as ever. While the Z terps steal the show for many, new variations worked over the last few years at the farm continue to spice things up. Keep an eye for their new flavors all over SoCal.


Photo courtesy of Kalya/Lemonnade

The back-to-back world champs and star of the show more often than not when it comes to solventless hash, after you’re done hunting down their latest collab with some famous farm, be sure to read our full chat with them about crushing through the pandemic.

Rosin Tech x Vital Collab


Photo courtesy of VitalGrown/Rosin Tech

We are wildly excited for the Rosin Tech x Vital Grown collaboration hitting shelves all over California this week. The collab sees the well-known extractors at Rosin Tech team up with one of the absolute thought leaders in the state on organic cannabis in Vital Grown’s Brian Malin. He literally helped the state of California write its OCal organic weed regulations. As L.A. Kush Cake drops this week thanks to 800Lbs. Mantra linking the two, it will be clearly evident how accomplished everyone involved is.


Photo courtesy of HolyWater

Back in the peak of the medical sesh era – boy what a time – HolyWater was considered one of the more exotic offerings on the market in the pre-diamonds and sauce era as wet terps were just taking off. Now after a brief hiatus to get the ball rolling in the legal market, they are back with an out-of-this-world two-pack featuring solventless and BHO versions of their exquisite products.

True Hash Company

Photo Courtesy of True Hash Co

The rosin lineup being offered by True Hash Company may be some of the most underrated extracts in California at the moment. While we’re positive anything you get your hands on washed in their hash lab will be on point, the Wilson crosses were really different. But the Star Cookies was probably the one that hit us the hardest though in terms of flavor and impact.

Frosty’s x Powerzzzup

Photo courtesy of Frosty’s

As you may remember from the cover of our 4/20 issue, there aren’t many things in cannabis at the moment more exciting than the work coming out of the Powerzzzup grow as people wait less than patiently for an announcement of whatever the next hype new strain will be at any given moment. You add a dash of one of the best hash companies in California to that recipe and you are really cooking. Frosty’s rosin is absolutely delicious in its own right and would have been some of the most coveted hash of summer. With the Powerzzzup terps in the mix, we don’t want to presume how high consumer energy levels can get around this hash.



Photo: Kevin Ross

The Lords of Live Resin and Solventless Sensations, nobody preserves terpenes like the way The Humboldt Terp Council does in the heart of the Emerald Triangle, where they have access to some of the best material to work with on the planet. We sat down with the world champs for this issue to hear how things went. Go read their take on navigating the pandemic.

Emerald Cup Supply Co.

Courtesy of Emerald Cup Supply Co

The Emerald Cup Supply Co. is not messing around with its lineup of fantastic top-tier live rosin badders. The most impressive runs we’ve seen from them so far included Forbidden Grapefruit and arguably the best MAC rosin anyone has ever seen. While it was always safe to bet the Emerald Cup wouldn’t risk blemishing its name with anything midsy, it’s safe to say the end results were far beyond expectations. Sadly, they can’t enter it in their own cup.

Delta Diamonds


Photo courtesy of Delta Boyz

You don’t have a dab rig or any electronic devices to help you consume hash this 710? No problem, just go roll yourself a cannon of Delta Diamonds. The Delta Boyz essentially shake up their awesome weed and cold water hash in a bag, but the resulting high was far beyond anything that sounds so simple. Keep an eye on the Cookies menu because these don’t last long once they make it down from the Sacramento River Delta.

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