Yesterday the Knux dropped a five-song bomb called “The Fuck You EP,” which features an incendiary, defiant track about Los Angeles and the glamour/club crowd. The brothers Knux — Kentrell “Krispy Kream” Lindsey and Alvin “Rah Almillio” Lindsey — who moved to LA from New Orleans after Katrina, capture the cut-throat, superficial essence of the city in a catchy but razor sharp rap. On the track, a hungover Krispy rolls out of bed after a night of free vodka (“I was a dumb motherfucker”) and starts ranting. He rides through the city, from the Hollywood Hills to Malibu Beach (as “Mali-voodoo Beach”), offering verbal jabs at what he sees while simultaneously celebrating its essence.

Featuring an old school snare rhythm that recalls a classic Eric B jam, Krispy confesses a love for his new home while not particularly liking the women that he's finding: “… now it's cool to be/PCH, blacker than Shwayze/Mali-voodoo Beach, nigga the sun is shining/motherfuck the jewelry and cars/where the voluptuous broads,where the booty be?/Lights, camera, action and pose/there go them hos/but you better have that powder in O's/to feed their snot box.”

Crispy then flips the bird at, well, everyone, with a catchy little chorus that goes like this: “Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.” A synthesized lady voice harmonizes along.

The other four songs are just as infectious and defiant. “Pop the Cork” is a nasty party jam about Champagne, cocaine, moshing and sex — “I can make you a human a la mode,” — with a beat swiped from a 1985 gay dance club. They apologize to their mom, and everyone else, before they kick off “Fruit,” which is understandable considering the f-bombs that lay ahead, though the song is actually a beautiful meditation on life and family. (It features the great line that the yoga instructor of our dreams would use: “breathe, it's better than poon tang or Wu-Tang.”)

Seriously: download this free five-songer.

Or check out “Fuck You” first.


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