The fact that it was Friday the 13th and there was a full moon only compounded the creepiness of certain co-incidences I found myself entangled in last night at Spaceland. First, all three bands I had come to see began with the word “The.” Ok, not so creepy, wait… The King of France kicked off the night, and I found out that the lead singer Steve Salad is the brother of musician and old NYC acquaintance of mine Peter Salett. Peter has recently move to LA and was at the show last night. Turns out Steffie knows Peter too. With Peter was Ed Norton, another old acquaintance of mine, though he spent the night chatting with my former best friend who is now just a housemate, and so I didn't know she was going to be there either! Got it so far? Salad was great to watch. He was goofy but his music was heartfelt like an ironic John Mayer. When Salad twitches and bugs out his eyes, you laugh, you connect with the pain of being an involuntary goofball, and you DON'T want to slap him like you do when the “I wanna run through the halls of my high school” crooner does the same thing. Next up was The Can't See, a young band from Seattle. That's me with the lead singer above, We agreed he looks like Manson in this photo, guess that makes me Squeaky.  I found out that he is the stepson of a good friend of mine, a Venice-based artist who uses my garage to create amazing stage masks and props. I found out because she was there last night too! They may be young, but they sounded so good that any preconceived MmmBop references flew out the window in the first three chords. Not enough coincidence for ya? How about this—I ran into my heretofore unknown twin sister, who told me our real parents had divorced and we had to get them back together! Oh, you're right. That wasn't me. That was Haley Mills in The Parent Trap. Well, the last band The Helio Sequence, didn't have any coincidental relation to me, but the two membered band had such a big sound, it felt like sorcery was at work, some kind of white magic shit. I kept trying to peek backstage to see if there were other dudes hiding, playing back there. I half expected a booming voice to call out “Pay no attention to the lead guitarist, bassist, and cellist behind the curtain. We are the great and powerful wizards of the Helio Sequence.” They brought the thunder, they filled the room with the sounds of instruments I hadn't heard before, staccato-ed vibrations I had never felt, and a bass thump that my heartbeat followed like a detective on the trail. I went home happy and high on coincidence.

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