The King of Baccarat: The Rise of Mikki Mase

As his story began to unfold, Mikki was once again met with forces that attempted to stagnate his growth and success in the Casino world. Mikki preferred to play at his own table, with one instance putting him at odds with the financiers of the Casino industry. Limits were set at $75,000 hands and this didn’t sit well with Mikki, who was accustomed to $250,000 hands. This pushed him to once again, find a way to beat the odds. One instance, put him in hot water with Wynn Las Vegas.

Mikki Mase, over the course of 3 hours while visiting 5 different casinos, managed to transform 500k into an unimaginable $4,500,000. This substantial gain caused a major loss for the casino, resulting in his account being flagged by the CFO of Wynn Las Vegas. “You are too good, we cannot have you here” The CFO of Wynn Vegas mentioned as he turned away one of the best players to enter the Baccarat scene.

It was of no surprise that this occurred. In every instance on the precipice of success, there will be forces that will do everything they can to limit success. In the world of High Stakes Gambling, for one person to win big, another must lose. The Casino had to waive the white flag and protect their continued losses against the King of Baccarat.

With winning records such as turning $200 into $800,000, no one was ready for Mikki Mase to enter the scene and take the Casino’s for a ride. In another instance, he was able to transform $50,000 into $6,200,000. His ability to calculate on the fly, unfettered by emotional and feeling based decision making, is exactly what puts him at odds with Casinos.

The ups and downs of the Casino game can be a rocky road. We intercepted Mikki Mase’s statements from the Wynn and MGM that showcases his rise up as the Kind of Baccarat.


Wynn Vegas


1 1 Mickey Mase

MGM – Aria – $185,365 and Bellagio -$149,725

2 jpg Mickey Mase

MGM Grand-$1,245,275 and Park MGM $44,100

3 Mickey Mase


Wynn Vegas – $1,193,700

4 jpg Mickey Mase

MGM – Bellagio – $2,236,500

5 Mickey Mase

MGM Grand – $3,207,575

6 Mickey Mase

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