Steve Martin has been tweeting funny observations from jury duty — possibly in Los Angeles — this week.

Tweeted The Jerk: “Defendant running for exit. Not to escape, but out of disgust. Judge wearing NOTHING under his robes. We are adjourned until tomorrow.” And …

“REPORT FROM JURY DUTY: Lunch break. Discussing case with news media gives me chance to promote my book.”

(Slaps knee). We love us some Steve Martin.

Some reports have questioned whether it's a put on. After all, according to Reuters:

Reuters Legal last week reported that judges granted new trials or overturned verdicts in dozens of criminal and civil cases due to jurors' online diversions, and bored citizens waiting for jury selection are tweeting, blogging and otherwise venting in growing numbers.

A spokeswoman for Martin told the news service he really is on jury duty, but that he had yet to be selected for a pool and was simply passing time.

“He is not actually tweeting during a trial but is on jury duty,” the rep told Reuters. “He's making jokes that are really funny, nothing actually factual though.”

(She wouldn't say where Martin was doing his jury time).

He's a wild-and-crazy guy.

LA Weekly