Ever wanted your food to fly at you on a whirling automated tray? Not really? No, me either. But if you're in London, you can have this fine experience, at a restaurant called YO! Sushi. They've developed a flying waiter tray called the iTray.

There's a video of the waiter-copter (posted below), but it raises more questions than it answers. The obvious one: WHY? But also: Isn't it kind of dangerous? It's propelled by a “quadcopter” — four spinning propellers. What happens if someone touches them? At the very best, wouldn't your food go flying? And then, what if the food hit the copters? I kind of hope that has happened, actually, it sounds awesome and hilarious.

The quadcopter tray doesn't actually save the restaurant on labor costs — a waiter has to control it using an iPad. So yes, it's basically just a marketing ploy, and one put in place to promote a new burger (yes, at a sushi joint). But hey, it worked. We're paying attention.

Watch the video of the iTray in action below.

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