We've seen some bizarre fashion accessories in this, strange, star-struck town: Chihuahuas, stolen necklaces and adopted babies to name a few. The hottest accoutrement these days seems to an Apple iPad. Because it goes so well with a $1,500 handbag.

But a consumer watchdog wants you to pause before you adopt this new look.

A group called SumOfUs.org has started a campaign in the wake of this week's launch of the latest iPad.

It wants Apple's Chinese factories …

… to release workers' clock-in and clock-out data for the last 4 months to prove that the new iPad was made without forcing workers into illegal and dangerous levels of overtime.

Credit: Apple

Credit: Apple

The campaign comes amid controversy over working conditions at Chinese plants that manufacture the iPhone, including allegations that Apple “has a track record of putting its workers through grueling night shifts and dangerous levels of overtime to meet its artificial product launch deadlines,” says SumOfUs director Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman.

What can you do?

The group wants you to sign its online petition supporting the release of workers' hourly data.


Consumers are waking up to the consequences of Apple's greed. We don't want products made this way.

That's thinking different.

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