It wasn't that long ago that props from horror or science fiction films went on the auction block only after the deaths of veteran collectors, or whenever retired prop managers, grips, gaffers or movie construction carpenters who'd salvaged vampire capes or space guns from the productions' trash bins held the bidding equivalent of garage sales. Now, of course, every “instant classic” seems to have a prop and memorabilia sale nearly coinciding with its premiere. The latest example comes with the news that items from Halloween II will be up for bid beginning 11 a.m. this Saturday, August 29 — the day after the Rob Zombie-directed/written slasher flick opens. One horror fan site crows that “over 500 iconic movie props and costume” will be up for sale. Iconic? The film hasn't even opened!

Myers' sling blade; Credit: Premiere Props

Myers' sling blade; Credit: Premiere Props

Nevertheless, the items may be viewed online now, and bidders have the option of purchasing online or in person at Premiere Props, 128 Sierra Street, El Segundo, (310) 322-7767. (“Special guests” connected with the film will be on hand to discuss the movie at the auction house, and the auction will also be streamed online and can be seen live on TV — call Premiere Props for auction details.) The inventory includes the must-haves (Michael Myers' machete — “Own a piece of horror history” commands the auction description — along with Myers' bloodied clown suit and punctured overalls), to such WTFs as “Sheriff Lee Brackett's (Brad Dourif) screen worn faux gold wedding ring” and various characters' dirty tennis shoes.

Okay, so it's not exactly like you're bidding on Bela Lugosi's Dracula ring or Harrison Ford's Blade Runner

blaster but, hey, we'll take our iconic relics and instant classics

where we can find them.They are, after all, the stuff that nightmares

are made of.

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