Some people go to restaurants to eat, some go to look at other people. For the latter, we have The Hollywood Reporter's Top 25 Power Lunch Spots list.

The fifth annual ranking of restaurants where the biggest deals are made over sushi and pizza — and a lot of chopped salads — has been released. THR asks a bunch of movers and shakers for their input, and then creates a list, naming specific people who are apt to show up at certain locations. (I have a sudden need to hang out on the roof at Sunset Tower, it turns out.)

If you're a Hollywood watcher, the list includes some fun insider information, such as which talent agents are married to which restaurant managers, and why some chefs switching agents lead to afterparty rescheduling.

I do wonder how Sugarfish made the list. How can a deal be made when you're eating on the restaurant's extremely strict schedule?

The list is fun. You're going to crave a steak and martini after reading it.

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