When the gummy worm dirt cake first appeared, it was received as a giggle-worthy novelty for children's parties. It's silly and creative. When it started being a part of Halloween party foods, there were no qualms as most people saw it as funny. Then, someone had to one-up and thus was born the most disturbing food of all time: the kitty litter cake. Happy Halloween, may we offer you an air-sickness bag?

Anyone who has ever lived with or been in charge of a cat and had to deal with its box can attest there is nothing cute or charming about it. The look, the smell, the cleaning, it's not exactly pleasant. Entire businesses thrive selling cleaner, newer, more sanitary ways to dispose of what it gets filled with. So why make a cake that resembles something that triggers a gag reflex? WHY? Maybe that's just your sense of humor.

The cake itself is composed in an actual litter box (some recipes will admonish you to use a new one, some just say 'preferrably.” We shudder.) with box cake, pudding, crushed up cookies, Tootsie Rolls and a poop-scoop for serving. Yes, this cake is that vile.

So if Halloween is your time to freak out your family, friends, co-workers or guests, this may be the cake for you. Have something more disgusting? Let us know. We'll just be over here hanging out with the slutty pirates.

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