Yeah, Kanye West keeps it real.

First his Bush comments on the Katrina telethon, then his stance on the MTV/Britney debacle. (One word: “exploitation.”)

He was also the first to admit the whole 50 Cent beef was a stunt to sell records. (And by the way, why did so many new records come out on Sept. 11? Kinda morbid if you ask me…)

Despite K’s candor though, he bugs me. Must he cry like a baby every time he doesn’t win an award? (This would actually be funny, if he wasn’t being serious).

And must he continue to wear sunglasses (even if they are Jeremy Scott shades) at night?

Hope someone tells him you have to be on TV to win an Emmy,

(he’s performing on the show this Saturday).

Long before rap music was anointed the soundtrack to disenfranchised youth, a li'l English band called The Sex Pistols dissed its leaders and honed a rebel yell that nobody has matched since. I got to meet the ringleader, the one and only Johnny Rotten last week (Kanye take note: instead of coveting statues for the trophy case, just do your own thing; someday MTV will give you an honorary award and you can snub them like the Pistols did The Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame).

Anyway, see what Johnny's up to in this week’s Nightranger.

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