Thanks to LAist for the headsup on this one: The Girl Scout Cookie Locator, courtesy of the Scouts themselves. Now you have only to enter your zip code to find the nearest booth to where you are sitting right now, chugging bad coffee, loathing Mondays, wishing your hangover would go away, and signing up to be @charliesheen's 2,075,364 Twitter follower. Okay, we're projecting. Regardless of your current mental and physical state, you can right now locate your closest box of Thin Mints among the some 10,000 booths up and running in Los Angeles. There is also, apparently, an app for that. And as for the exact location of the cookie booth is that is 0.00 miles from where we're sitting now, we're checking upstairs in Marketing as soon as we're done writing this. Or maybe Mr. Gold's pickup.

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