You knew it was only a matter of time before The New Yorker profiled Jonathan Gold, and next week Dana Goodyear's terrific story, The Scavenger, hits the newsstands. Read an excerpt of Goodyear's profile on the New Yorker website, or wait for the print edition. (Don't even try to read the screenshot below.) The New Yorker staff writer, who is based in Los Angeles, trailed Gold for about a year. According to Gold, he took the Goodyear to “a couple dozen” restaurants. No word on whether she qualified for hazard pay.

We emailed Gold to get his take on the profiile and he texted back from somewhere–Goodyear notes that Gold travels 20,000 miles a year in search of food–that “I didn't mean to imply that I was better-looking than Mario. What I meant was that Mario was better-looking than Gwyneth.” Okay. And the scrambled eggs? (Scrambled eggs are one of the very few things Gold doesn't like to eat.) “Scrambled eggs are my kryptonite. Unless, as Laurie likes to point out, there are $200 worth of truffles in them.”

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