For our latest edition of The Garden Glance, we’re taking a look at Kings Garden’s popular operation.

The Garden

The backbone of the recent wave of garlic funk terps that’s hit the industry over the last few years, GMO has become the most polarizing upper-echelon strain of the moment. Why? It’s super strong, pumps out hash, and has a unique terpene profile. You smell a banger jar of GMO and you know exactly what you’re looking at. The curse to that being: A bunch of people decided to grow it. That being said, Kings Garden does it better than most and it’s always a solid buy.

One of the better recent displays of the contrast of cannabis. Here is a spread of selections from Kings Garden’s wide strain menu that highlight just how different and visually stunning the variations in genetics can be.

Here is Kings Garden’s 33 Bananas looking gorgeous in flower. The Banana OG x Gelato 33 cross has plenty of kick in its lineage, and looks gorgeous as she starts to beef herself up on her way to harvest.

Here in Kings Garden’s massive drying facility, at scale with the rest of the operation, finished plants hang dry before the final manicure. Best case scenario, you’ll get an audible snap when you crack a stem just below the nugs while retaining as much of the good stuff as possible. A lot of great pot gets ruined after it’s chopped down. This step of the process is absolutely critical, or you’ll waste months of effort.

The only Larry Bird welcome in Los Angeles, I believe the #33 to be the most pinene heavy of the Gelato lineup. That twist on the traditional sweetness of its parents, Sunset Sherbet and Girl Scout Cookies, has made it a favorite Gelato for many. There has been a lot of work done with gelato over the years. Be it the original lineage Jigga and Sherbinski produced, and then worked separately over the years, or random bag seed, the #33 hold up against the pack.

Wifi Cake brings together Wifi OG and Wedding Cake. There are a bunch of different phenotypes of this pairing out there from different sets of parents because crossing those two strains makes a lot of sense in mid-2010s hype. But the keeper phenos people have hunted down look heat. Kings Garden provides a great rendition here.

Here is a room loaded up with another Wedding Cake cross. This time it has been matched up with Gushers. There has been a lot of Gushers getting around recently so it’s fun to see it get paired up with the Wedding Cake.

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