To both kick off the museum’s Pride Month celebrations and honor the urgency of the Black Lives Matter movement in our city, country, and world, the Fowler Museum hosts the premiere of Patrisse Cullors’ newest performance piece. Based on a prayer she co-wrote with Damon Turner, the work was prompted by the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, but has of course taken on a universe of new meaning and context since it was written.

“This piece takes us through ritual, prayer, and ancestry,” writes Cullors of the work. “Black death, trauma, and pain are age-old crises. Our bodies have been used as sacrifice. How do we manage? What role does collective prayer have and how can it inspire our healing?” After the live-streamed performance, a Q&A follows with Melina Abdullah, Professor and former Chair of Pan-African Studies at CalState LA and founder of the Los Angeles chapter of Black Lives Matter. Saturday, June 13, noon-1 p.m.;


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