In 1899, a musical called Florodora was made famous in large part (well, or small) by its chorus of six identically-sized singing and dancing girls (5 ft. 4 in.). Young men were said to crowd the theater every night and all six original Florodoras bagged herself a millionaire.

These days, finding a man to take you for In-N-Out requires more than feathers and sparkly headpieces, but perhaps by drinking the Florodora Cocktail–a drink inspired by the infamous Sextette–you'll find yourself a diamond-in-the-rough. Or maybe just a diamond. Then you can take yourself out. While making the Florodora, you might, for inspiration, sing songs from the show: “A maid's career is skittles and beer,” “Tell me, pretty maiden, are there any more at home like you?” and “When you're a millionaire.”

Florodora Cocktail

Makes: 1 drink

Raspberry syrup:

In a bowl, bruise a handful of raspberries by gently mashing them with a wooden spoon. Add enough simple syrup to cover. Leave overnight and then strain out the solids.

2 ounces gin

1/2 ounce freshly-squeezed lime juice

1/2 ounce raspberry syrup

1. Dry shake the ingredients together.

2. Pour into a tall glass with ice and top with the best gingerale you can find.

LA Weekly