Greystone Manor is the trendy WeHo nightclub usually filled to capacity with A-listers, desperate housewives, Arabian sheiks, ball players, dot-com CEOs and others who have something to do with reality television. Any given Sunday night you might witness Drake buying twenty bottles or Rihanna and Chris Brown stealing sideways glances at one another. And rappers rap about it in songs (Drake in French Montana's “Pop That,” Ty$'s “My Cabana” and Game's appropriately-titled “Greystone”) so it's even more cool or whatever.

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Yet despite its dandy clientele, Greystone succumbs to some pitfalls of normal L.A. nightlife — namely, over-intoxicated tryhards and repetitive playlists. While some go to be seen, we personally go with the express purpose of getting outrageously drunk and complaining about the music. Which makes us the perfect candidate to break down the five most annoyingly overplayed songs at L.A.'s “it” nightclub, as we'd done below.

5. Travis Porter ft. Tyga

“Ayy Ladies”

Atlanta production duo (and twerk purveyors) FKI created a banger, but this song is less about the music and more about the call-and-response. Travis Porter has proven to be club mainstays in recent years, and Tyga's appearance is pretty much the nail in the coffin.

It's infectious and everything right in a song at 1:30 AM when you can't be bothered to sing coherently. It's been getting regular spins since August 2011 and hasn't slowed down. We must say, ratchets love them some Travis Porter.

P.S. Nice YouTube art work.

4. Drake ft. 2Chainz

“No Lie”

The puns are too corny (and too many, and too obvious) to mention. But rapping 2Chainz's second verse has become a weekly pastime for Greystone regulars. That's not to say Drizzy's contributions aren't appreciated in the club he proudly frequents. His hook is hollered by seemingly everyone in attendance, even when it's being played for the third time that night. And that's no lie. Oops.

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3. fun. ft. Janelle Monae

“We Are Young”

Crossover Fun. hit, “We Are Young,” took on a strange double-life as a club DJ favorite. Though it's only spun once a night, it's never failed to get a spin when we were there. Typically the DJ uses it as a transition into house-y techno with him shouting something like, “We're taking you to Vegas right now L.A.!” If good for nothing else, it slows us down just enough to remind us that blurry vision is not normal. Plus, the older executive awkwardly dancing at the table enjoys it.

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2. Kanye West ft. Big Sean, Pusha T and 2Chainz


Our problem with this song isn't so much that the resident DJs at Greystone Manor play it, it's just that they almost always insist on cutting it before 2Chainz's verse, before replaying it back from the beginning. To be fair, the chorus will elicit a response even from the most jaded of club goers. It's still no excuse for causing musical blue balls.

1. Chief Keef ft. Kanye West, Pusha T and Jadakiss (and, occasionally, Game)

“I Don't Like (Remix)”

Following the BET Awards, stars and star-hunters made a bee-line for Greystone Manor for the official after party. Pusha T stormed the DJ booth to perform his verse from the G.O.O.D remix of Chief Keef's breakout hit, “I Don't Like.” Though it would have been a cool moment otherwise, this was no less than the fifth time the crowd had heard Pusha's opening “Woo's.” To be honest, at one point we thought every song was “I Don't Like.”

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