Ever heard of Echo Park? It's great there! The neighborhood's eponymous lake just re-opened, and there's tons of great bands milling about in the area as well.

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As such, plenty of cool music videos have been shot in the vicinity, ranging from budgets that could be described as “small,” “no,” and “big.” But we're not here to talk about the works from Train and Avril Lavigne. Instead, these are the five best videos shot in Echo Park. See if you can spot the locations!

5. Warpaint

“Warpaint” (2011)

Warpaint shot the video for their haunting track “Warpaint” song at the Echo Park deep pool. The moody clip was directed by Ted Newsome, whose production company is also based in the neighborhood. Newsome said the deep pool's eerie darkness was key to creating the clip's dreamy look. Peep this ” target=”_blank”>interview with Newsome about the challenges faced while making the video.

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4. The Slits

“Lazy Slam” (2010)

The Slits' last video was released posthumously after singer Ari Up passed away in October 2010. It's a testament to one of the most unique voices in punk, showcasing the late singer in all her dreadlocked glory in a number of Echo Park locations, from The Echo to the lake. Chloë Sevigny also appears, looking swell and having a great time in front of Two Boots and Taix.

3. OK Go

“End Love” (2010)

No video showcases Echo Park Lake and its surrounding park better than this video. The clip uses time-lapse photography to condense a continuous 18-hour shot plus nearly 200 hours of bonus footage into a four-and-a-half-minute video. Keep an eye out for a cameo by Maria the Goose! Power-poppers OK Go are fond of shooting elaborate videos (your grandma has seen the treadmill one), and they're also fond of filming in Echo Park, shooting “This Too Shall Pass” in an Echo Park warehouse, featuring an intricate Rube Goldberg machine.

2. Madonna

“Borderline” (1984)

Believe it or not, Madonna's first major music video (for, we'd say, her best song!) was partially shot in Echo Park. It looks like it was shot all around L.A., particularly in Downtown, but at the beginning, you see her breakdancing with some cool kids underneath the Beverly St. bridge, which is part of Echo Park — but, you know, on the borderline.

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1. Michael Jackson

“Thriller” (1983)

“Thriller” doesn't portray obvious Echo Park locations, but it does include an iconic Angelino Heights home, located on historic Carroll Avenue, which has also seen its houses used in TV shows and films, from “Charmed” to Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo. Plus “Thriller” is basically the GREATEST VIDEO OF ALL TIME so this one wins, bros. If you haven't seen it in a while, strap on your Depends and prepare for Vincent Price's unearthly laugh.

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