March Madness isn't just for basketball or crazy people anymore — now comedians are getting in on the action. Tonight is the final championship in the seventh annual March Comedy Madness tournament, or, you know, the one elimination competition in March that actually matters. Hosted by comedian and Costa Rican expat Josh Filipowski, at this show, much like life, applause from the audience determines the winner. Will the final victor be Nick Cobb? Nate Craig? Paige Wesley? Will Amaya Perea emasculate Big Al Gonzales? Can Cornelius Peter annihilate Danny Jolles? There are, of course, far too many comics who've competed in the tourney — 64 in total — to list here, but tonight, as the final four battle to determine just one champion, you get to see them in their natural habitat. Their sweaty, gritty, fear-fraught habitat: a place in which harsh truths are delivered with laughter, and life is grappled with in mortal combat, just to make you happy.

Fri., April 12, 2013

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