If you've been trying in vain to find out what Los Angeles restaurant is closing tomorrow, maybe, or which chef is revving up his new Roadstoves food truck or where Scarlett Johansson is eating dinner tonight, your efforts stymied by the fact that Eater has been down all afternoon, blame the FBI. Not kidding.

According to The New York Times, earlier today the Feds raided a U.S. data hosting facility used by Switzerland-based company DigitalOne and seized several web servers. This in turn caused some sites to crash, including one run by Curbed. Curbed's sister site? Eater, which operates out of many cities, including New York City, where Curbed is based, and this one.

To quote the NYT, “It was not immediately clear what the F.B.I. was looking for, and the agency did not immediately respond to a request for comment.” Big surprise on both counts.

Eater LA tweeted out news of the site's disruption this afternoon: “@Eater LA: Sorry everyone, Eater LA is down. Working to get the site back up asap!” And two hours or so later: “@Eater LA: And… Eater LA is done for the day. Back tomorrow!” When we emailed Eater LA editor Kat Odell, she confirmed that the FBI was the reason why the site was down, and said that she expects to be back online tomorrow.

It might be a good night to go out to dinner, if you're a celebrity. Or an FBI agent.

LA Weekly