The second season of HBO's hit drama series True Blood is over, and it was another bloody, brilliant mess. Vampers, humans and shape shifters wreaked even more havoc this year, especially with the addition of crazed, mythical Maryann (Michelle Forbes), who turned the small, fictional Louisiana town of Bon Temps into Sodom and Gomorrah. But after having been impaled by a unicorn — a good way to deter crime — peace has been restored. Or — dah dah dah — has it? Oscar-winning creator Alan Ball gathers his team of writers, including Raelle Tucker, Alexander Woo, Nancy Oliver, Brian Buckner, Kate Barnow and Elisabeth Finch, to answer your questions. And there are plenty. Will the show's central heroin Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Vampire Bill (hunky Stephen Moyer) ever get married and have bihuman/vampiracial children? Will half-dog, half-bar owner Sam (Sam Trammell) ever reconcile with his past? And will Vampire Eric (even hunkier Alexander Skarsgard, Sweden's greatest export since Ikea's meatballs) ever quit lusting after the gap-toothed Paquin and realize that he is mine? Forget the garlic and crucifixes, but wear plenty of silver.

Wed., Oct. 28, 7 p.m., 2009

LA Weekly