Father’s Day 2020 is almost here, and dad probably wants drugs this year.

It’s likely been three of the most boring months most dads will have in their lifetimes. As we phase tantalizingly closer to whatever life’s going to look like after the peak of the pandemic, a little bit of awesome weed will certainly help the days keep moving.

As with all of our holiday lists, we cover a lot of bases. So whether dad is into the newest tech, the gassiest weed or tame edibles, something on the list is sure to put a bit of extra kick in his Father’s Day this year. We also have options for every level of cannabis enthusiast, whether you want to help them reorganize their stash or get their toes in the world of hemp blunts.

Satori Smores

Remember those wild camping tricks you and dad would take out to Big Bear or up to the Redwoods? Well, now you can reminisce about those nights around the fire with Satori’s new Smores. The limited edition run is only 50mgs total, so you won’t have to worry about dad’s face melting off once the THC hits his liver. They’re also 15 calories a pop, so if dad is putting some work into his bod to properly embarrass you on the Fourth of July this won’t impact his plan. If Smores aren’t dad’s thing, you can also check out the chocolate covered blueberries or strawberries. These are all a great bet for the “I haven’t smoked weed in 30 years” crowd.

710 Labs x Connected/Alien Labs Collabs

710 Labs has long been considered among the finest extract companies in California able to produce at a scale large enough to provide to the entire marketplace. In their new collaboration with Connected and Alien Labs, some of the most popular flavors of the past few years are now being processed by them. This includes Connected’s Sugar Cone that we absolutely adore, Galactic Gas from the award-winners at Alien Labs, and last but not least, the Gelonade that won the Coachella Desert Smoke-Off 2019. The Gelonade is the best sativa-leaning Gelato #41 cross by a mile, and the terpene profile — that’s what determines things like flavor and effect — is top class. These will probably fly, but if they run out don’t stress. Any selection from 710 Labs is sure to be a great time.

Laydown FIELD

(Photos courtesy of Airgraft.)

Airgraft x Field Extracts Collab

Since the first days of the cartridge boom a decade ago, the delivery mechanisms for elite concentrates have gotten better over time. But while much of the time people were focusing on the device itself, the new Airgraft system dials in each cartridge for the specific extract it contains. The no-burn technology has proven solid enough to get Field Extracts involved for the launch. The quality of the experience was certainly there to justify initial startup costs.


The Airgraft App in action with some Strawnana details. (Photo courtesy of Airgraft.)


Prerolls are a constantly evolving branch of the cannabis industry. What started with hand rolled joints in the earliest days of medical cannabis eventually moved on to the stuffed cones still popular to this day. But in recent years, advancements in the actual papers being used in pre-roll production have been fast. This leads us to the current era of the hemp wrap blunt. While there are a few companies doing it well, it’s certainly arguable that the team at Packwoods has inspired the most hype around their ongoing efforts. While the wider lineup of Packwoods flavors was already a hit, the new collaborations they are up to are certainly must try. Hopefully, this will be an important first step in dad learning to twist up his own exotic Backwoods imported from Moscow.


Josh D’s elite Motorbreath phenotype. (Photo courtesy of Josh D.)


As with tradition with our holiday weed guides for nonweed holidays, we picked one strain that is both flame and accessible. This is as opposed to the more exotic stuff we mention from time to time. For Father’s Day 2020, we highly recommend you get your hands on some Motorbreath. The strain pairs the gassy aroma of the San Fernando Valley cut of OG Kush with New England’s biggest contribution to pot genetics of all time, Chem Dog. The resulting offspring is soaked with a fuel-like aroma coveted by connoisseurs for its association with high impact cannabis. Expect to see a decent amount of Motorbreath out there, but it will be of varying quality since so many people are growing it. It’s also worth noting that out of the hundreds of mixed light entries at the Emerald Cup, Josh D’s SoCal grown Motorbreath came in tenth place. DJ Short, the breeder of Blueberry, once told me anything Top 20 at The Emerald Cup was super impressive. So keep an eye out for Motorbreath and be sure to scoop some as soon as you see it for dad.


Photo courtesy of Stashlogix


Time to upgrade dad from that raggedy cigar box he’s been hiding his weed in since before the Lakers won in 85 and you popped up by accident nine months later. These days, the alpha predators of keeping your weed safe are coming from the team at Stashlogix. I’ve used the medium size version personally for the last three years. I found it to be one of those things in my life that I didn’t realize how much I’d appreciate. Also, I’m glad I went for the medium size, it’s perfect for my road needs. It holds six standard eighth jars but five is a more comfortable fit to leave room for all the other supplies you’ll need like a grinder or papers. If your dad is a real deal wook, you can get him the one that holds 12 jars. It’s absurd and I’ve only seen two in the wild, but boy is it fun when someone busts out a dozen strains for me to look at.

GlassGames2018 065

CHAMPS Glass Games Las Vegas 2018 (Photo: Jimi Devine)

American Made Glass

DSC 0017

Mothership Dragonscale Klien (Photo: Jimi Devine)

As with many industries during the pandemic, the American glass blowing scene has been devastated in recent months. While much of the glassblowing spotlight regularly falls onto the rare pieces that enter the $100,000 dollar range, many artists are self-employed and work on less artsy production stuff to cover their bills. Now we aren’t telling you you to go out and grab dad a Mothership exosphere, but whether it’s for dabbing extracts or flower a new glass piece is always nice. Not to mention you’ll be checking three boxes at once with the purchase by hooking dad up with fresh glass, supporting your local headshop, and supporting local glass artists.


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