The flier likened it to WWD meets WWF, but the Style Wars event at Cinespace on Tuesday night was more like Iron Chef meets Martha Stewart's Craft Corner – on crack.

I've got some styling work and a jewelry line under my belt, but the people I competed against were “real” designers and I think they took it all a lot more seriously than I did. Most wore open pins on their person, and the gal who beat me (yes, I lost) actually wore her supplies in her hair!

We had 5 minutes to create a look based on various themes, mine was Bauhaus (the art movement, not the band), and damn, those minutes sure went fast. Thankfully, former Style Councilor Steffie Nelson was in the audience and I enlisted her help on stage.

Unfortunately, we were up against the only gal who had done it before and she meant business (hence the hair above). She actually traveled all the way from San Francisco to compete. Hardcore.

“Now I can pay last month's rent!” he said of his win. No big shocker- the life of a fashion designer may be fabulous, but like that of a freelance writer, it's definitely feast or famine.

Look for lots more wild behind-the-scenes scoop from Style Wars in next week's edition of Nightranger, and check out this week's column for reports on the Viper Room, the new speakeasy called 86, and more.

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