The Emerald Cup Awards Show put the eyes of the cannabis world on Hollywood for the weekend, and the contestants did not disappoint. 

The heat was out at the Montalban, as we met people who traveled from even as far as Barcelona to see who would take California cannabis’s most storied awards at what many would consider the de facto world championship. (Full Disclosure: I am a wildly biased solventless judge.)

As the market has struggled in recent years, some have claimed the value of contests like The Emerald Cup was lost with the medical marketplace. They would argue it’s some kind of battle of the Chads because they don’t get to take part. Maybe they were screwed in the licensing process, maybe they just always wanted to be criminals and never saw themselves on the right side of the law; regardless, that type of commentary disenfranchises the survivors. The cup is a celebration of survivors, as the realities that have been facing small farmers in the hills of The Emerald Triangle and beyond have always been front and center in the discussion. Some might even argue that right after who has the best weed, the next major talking point at the cup has always been what farmers are dealing with. 

So here is a rundown of this year’s winners of the main flower categories, all of whom should be celebrated in these brutal times. 

Sungrown Flower

Sungrown Flower has always been the backbone of the cup since it first started at Area 101 in Mendocino County, and this year features a repeat champion with Farmer and the Felon again taking the top prize. This year FATF’s Lemon Sponge Cake would steal the show with its rendition of Georgia Pie in collaboration with Cookies coming in third. Falling between the two FATF entries was perennial contender Rebel Grown with its Double OG Chem.

Mixed Light Flower

The cultivation team at Lithouse cleaned up this year by sweeping the podium and grabbing seventh place, too. Their rendition of Symbiotic Genetics’ Modified Grapes took top honors, with Seed Junky’s Jealousy in second and Lemon Lava in third. You can go read our chat with FATF from last year!

Indoor Flower

Arguably the most controversial category in its inaugural outing last year, the indoor category was more palatable for the OG outdoor growers this year. And it was an indoor OG grower who stole the show with Fig Farms taking first and second. Some might remember Fig Farms sat down with L.A. Weekly and Josh D for the podcast last year. The OG-heavy Animal Face would take top honors over its sibling Blue Face, which came in third. Second place went to Panacea for Pablo’s Revenge. 

Sungrown Greenhouse 

Local Cannabis Co won the inaugural edition of the new Sungrown Greenhouse category for its always on point Sherbhead that previously placed second in the Mixed Light Category. Glass House Farms’ strain Waiting Game would place second, with Local Cannabis Co returning to take third place with its elite Ice Cream Cake selection. 

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