Listmania continues (David Letterman's cultural legacy, perhaps, along with Velcro suits) but this time The Daily Meal has come up with something more compelling than a list of Top 10 Cupcakes. Theirs? America's 50 Most Powerful People in Food.

It's a good list, as it would be: The Daily Meal is headed by Saveur co-founder Colman Andrews. It's a list filled with “agribusiness moguls” and government officials and public figures, chefs and restaurateurs and journalists. They've also included “a few men and women whose connection with food is less than obvious, too (and explained why they're there). And #1 on our list doesn't fit neatly into any one slot — though it's somebody the reader is apt to know very well.” Of course. Otherwise what fun would it be.

Is Jonathan Gold on the list? Of course he is. As he pointed out to us himself, he's one above Martha Stewart. Turn the page for the complete list. Did they miss anybody? Include somebody you'd disagree with? And we'd love to know what you think of their (cute? sincere? Socratic, even?) pick for #1.

(P.S. Hugh Grant, #3, is not the British actor, but the CEO of Monsanto. Just in case you were wondering.)

50. Adam Rapoport

49. Jeffrey Jordan

48. Ingrid Newkirk

47. Martha Stewart

46. Jonathan Gold

45. Dan Bane

44. Danny Meyer

43. Josh Viertel

42. Barry Estabrook

41. Nobu Matsuhisa

40. Dan Barber

39. Ruth Reichl

38. Michael Pollan

37. Mario Batali

36. David Dillon

35. Susan Ungaro

34. Lockhart Steele

33. Catherine M. Cassidy

32. Daniel Boulud

31. Rich Melman

30. Tom Colicchio

29. Irene Rosenfeld

28. Michael Bloomberg

27. Lisa Sharples

26. Indra Nooyi

25. Tim & Nina Zagat

24. José Andrés

23. Arturo Rodriguez

22. Maria Rodale

21. Oprah Winfrey

20. Grant Achatz

19. Thomas Keller

18. Gregory R. Page

17. Donnie Smith

16. Guy Fieri

15. James Sinegal

14. Rachael Ray

13. Wolfgang Puck

12. John Mackey

11. Michael R. Taylor

10. Jim Skinner

9. Sam Sifton

8. Mike Duke

7. Brooke Johnson

6. Alice Waters

5. Steve Jobs

4. Michelle Obama

3. Hugh Grant

2. Thomas J. Vilsack

1. You

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