Yep, it's true. Robert Smith and company have been doing these little shows all over the place, and tonight they're playing a show at the Troubadour, sponsored by MySpace Music. The site's been debuting albums non-stop for the past few months, have delivered first listens of the new Guns n Roses, Kanye West and Paul McCartney albums, to name a few. After a rocky, delayed start, the massive music concern is on its way to offering full streaming of millions of tracks (basically Rhapsody without the cost). Which is cool, and it's good that the majors are providing their music. That said, we hope that MySpace treats the little labels with as much respect and reverence as they do the major labels; it's the little labels that draw the true headz, and if any sort of inequality of offerings is apparent, that'll send the tastemakers running. Just saying.

But, hey. The Cure is playing the Troubadour. To gain entry, you must be a MySpace friend of the band. As I've never scrambled for a MySpace ticket, I don't know the exact protocol, but I'm officially a Friend of the Cure on MySpace now, and will let you know what arrives in my inbox.

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