Hatched cute and fuzzy, competitively bred for sacrifice to the gods Sanders, Ryckebosch and Zacky Farms, how well do you know your dinner?

Turkey Trivia Challenge (https://www.plainvillefarms.com/turktriv.htm) asks popular questions to the following answers, respectively: meleagris gallopovo, 18 pounds; hen; poult; molt; wattle; sandwich; june; corn; 103_; 3500; all of the above; North Carolina; flock: comb; Tom.

The Cut Up Chicken, Part I (https://www.ianr.unl.edu/pubs/foods/heg145.htm) Through a series of 24 dramatically unglamourous and explicitly captioned photographs, Daniel E. Bigbee, Extension Poultry Specialist at the University of Nebraska, shows you how to divide a chicken carcass into the popular and traditional breast with ribs, wings, thighs with back and, for the kids, drumsticks. (Download the JPEGs to start your dead-bird clip-art library.)

Legless Chicken Walking from CNN's video archives. Having lost both claws and lower legs to frostbite at the end of 1996, “Mr. Chicken,” a four-pound rooster from Jackson, Michigan, now sports “Air Gordons” – bright green prosthetic legs created by physical therapist Gordon Allen of nearby Battle Creek.

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