On KXLU’s The Kids Are Alright Show, Mitchell “Professor Cantaloupe” Brown and Don “Germs Drummer” Bolles play nothing but kid music for an hour, its “tasty morsels spelunked from records used by parents in the 1960s to scare their children into Obedienceland,” in Brown’s words. Most notable is an LP recently ripped off by Howard Stern’s show, Lil Markie’s Diary of an Unborn Child, featuring a helium-voiced fundamentalist discussing prenatal life from conception until “December 28: Today my mother killed me!” Other hits on the parade: Hap and Martha Palmer’s “Who Wants To Touch and Be Touched”; Floyd Robinson’s Ricky the Cricket, featuring “the world’s first Bible-belting cricket”; the 10-disc Sub-Audio Learning Series of hypnotism records for children, concerning bed-wetting, shyness and cleanliness; and Ed Lewis’ timeless “The Porcupine Is Pining for His Pork.” Outer-space themes and audio collage feature regularly. There’s nothing else like it in broadcasting today. KXLU 88.9 FM, Wednesdays, 7-8 p.m.

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