If you've been watching The Killing — you know, that impossibly dark and rain-sodden police procedural on AMC that airs before Mad Men — you'll know that there has been a price to pay for following the show into its second season. We've had to put up with the WTF moment of the first season's absurd cliffhanger. We've had to put up with the complete emasculation of Stephen Holder and with the relentless near-silence of Sarah Linden. And we've had to put up with the continued delay tactics of the show's writers, who seemingly are bent on providing more silly red herrings than actual credible plot twists. Whatever. It's cool. It's grungy. It's Danish, at least by extension.

What we've also had to put up with is the show's obsession with chewing. As demonstrated in this hilarious video by Vulture, New York magazine's culture section, The Killing is a little too fond of close-ups of mastication. Fast-food burgers (veggie or meat, depending on the season). Nicotine gum. Vending machine chips. (Which is all the characters ever seem to eat, and why Linden's ex is perhaps legitimately suing her for custody of their teenage son.) Turn the page for the video.

The Killing airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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