The debate concerning who makes the best hamburger in Los Angeles continues, of course, as it is by nature an ongoing question. Just who makes the biggest hamburger in the world is, however, a much more straightforward question. Less Zeno's Paradox, more Guinness World Records. At the moment, the record-holder appears to be The Ambrosia on the Spot café in Sydney, Australia, where a 90 kilogram burger was cooked, flipped and placed on a bun the size of an over-stuffed chair this past Sunday.

The enormous hamburger was composed not only of the aforementioned burger itself, but also 120 eggs, 150 slices of cheese, 2.5 kg of tomatoes and almost 2 kg of lettuce, an undisclosed amount of requisite special sauce and a sesame seed bun. The burger was consumed by café employees, the bread supplier and butcher, and various supporters. Reportedly, more than $2500 was raised for the Sydney Children's Hospital during the record attempt. No cause, no glory, I guess.

LA Weekly