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Sunday, September 9th



Upon seeing the spelling of Restavrant's name you may ask, “Why are they misspelled like that?” Who fucking cares? This Texas-bred, L.A.-based duo's shows will have you pogo-ing, stomping and slamming like the first time you crammed into a DIY basement show. With a grimy blend of hillbilly hootenanny and relentless beats, their live act will leave you sweaty and happy — kind of like a honky tonk bar wrapped in a hurricane, wrapped in prairie ball lightning. Oh, and their drummer plays a hubcap and old license plates. This is the punkbilly band that will be headlining the Thunderdome post-Mayan-apocalypse.

Circus droogs The Adicts; Credit: The Adicts

Circus droogs The Adicts; Credit: The Adicts

Monday September 10th & Tuesday, September 11th

The Adicts

Key Club

So Alex and his Clockwork Orange droogs formed a punk pathetique band in Ipswich, UK and they're still around nearly forty years later? Must. See. Singer Keith “Monkey” Warren still has moves and an impeccable sense of novelty humo(u)r, fronting a stalwart group of standard issue, uptempo punk rockers. They're playing the Key Club again, so prepare yourself for the Rocky Horror Picture Show of live music acts…confetti, rubber chickens, whatever. Supposedly real punkers may scoff through their dentures, but the Adicts will outlive them all.

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Fidlar will probably play your backyard for weed; Credit: Jennie Warren

Fidlar will probably play your backyard for weed; Credit: Jennie Warren

Friday, September 14

Fidlar (w/ The Hives)

The Wiltern

Yeah yeah, we know that the Hives are headlining, good for them and all that — but you should really be going for Fidlar. The Highland Park quartet dominates the garage punk category and their recent FYF set blew minds and ear canals wide open. Most importantly, these local guys embody the “Fuck it, sure, we'll play your backyard for weed” mentality that's sorely needed in music right now. The Kuehn brothers and their bandmates may have graduated to national act opener, but they've still got their roots planted in the pukey punk rock soil.

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Younger Angry Samoans

Younger Angry Samoans

Friday, September 28

Angry Samoans

Alex's Bar

Angry Samoans are still one of the best pure punk rock acts to come out of Los Angeles. They may be wearing their age a bit — and frontman “Metal” Mike Saunders may have cycled through more members than Spinal Tap had drummers — but he can still move a room and a pit. While not exactly a rare appearance, they're always great for a floorpunch down memory lane.

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Saturday, September 29

Colleen Green

The Smell

Colleen Green's smart tongue-in-cheeky 21st century punk tunes are reminiscent of the cuddle-core and riot grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl crews from the early '90s, like Cub and Bratmobile and the early Mint Records catalog. With songs like “I Wanna Be Degraded” from the EP Milo Goes to Compton, her self-described experimental stoner punk will give you a chuckle and the munchies.

Don't forget to check our constantly-updated Los Angeles Concert Calendar

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