Paul T. Bradley

Credit: kryzhov/

A Complete Asshole's Guide to Commuting in Los Angeles

Hey there, asshole! Just moved to the Angel City, huh? The Big Orange. Tinselvillage. Know how I can tell? We assholes can spot each other a mile away — and that chrome spoiler from last year is a dead giveaway. Look, driving here isn’t like slaloming corn stalks and shuttered coal......
Mohawk Bend's Thom Sigsby at Taste of the Eastside; Credit: Monica Katzenell

Best Bartender

It's not hard to find a decent mixologist in Los Angeles, what with the buses emptying them out by the thousands at Hollywood & Highland every day like Okies from the Dustbowl. Some of them come here with sparkling personalities; some come with extensive knowledge of their craft; a select......
The Semi-Tropic; Credit: Paul T. Bradley

Best Place for Reading and Drinking

Few spots in Los Angeles transition competently from day to night, from freelancing time to fun time. Billions (yes, billions) of coffee shops both Eastside and Westside make fantastic reading nooks and scriptoriums, but what happens when 3 p.m. rolls around and you're thirsty for something palliative yet you're not......
Crawford's; Credit: Paul T. Bradley

Best Inoffensive Dive Bar Makeover

Linda's Place, a dank room with a liquor license, was once the dive bar of gin-soaked dreams. It earned no writeups and made few (if any) "best of" listicles. Certain Bukowski–T-shirted dive poseurs might have found it, shall we say, lacking in literary charm. So, when Linda's ascended to watering-hole......
In Coachella's tent city

This Guy Had the Most Lit AF Campsite at Coachella 2016

On the fringes of the Empire Polo Club during Coachella, many thrifty and unhinged souls opt to camp out of doors. In prefabricated tents. Certainly it makes sense for the type of uncivilized folks who care little for cleanliness, order, and respectability. It sounds like a ghastly enterprise, if you......
This is how my Here Active Listening Earbuds and I felt together — at first.; Credit: Mathew Tucciarone

I Had a Coachella Romance With a Pair of Futuristic Earplugs

Doppler Labs’ Here Active Listening earbuds are the stuff of the future, like the shit you see on Star Trek or some other sci-fi TV show. Here augments and modifies your earholes to produce the kind of sonic experience you can control on your own with a smart telephone device......
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